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Десять заповедей автора

Среда, Октябрь 10th, 2012



Writers Write – The Ten Commandments of Writing (Maybe)

So many writers talk more about being writers than actually do any writing themselves.  For some, it’s because they enjoy the romanticised notion of being a tortured artist staring gallantly at a blank page whilst trying to arduously squeeze some iota of creativity from their wracked bodies, (apologies for all the adjectives, but really wanted to make that point).  How valiant and noble are we!  And, for what?  The reason?  Because it’s good to create.  It’s powerful.  It’s all-encompassing.

But there really isn’t anything romantic about writing.  At least, not in my experience (twenty years as a writer, and five as an editor).  I mean, I enjoy it when I’m flying.  Getting me to take-off, though, is like asking me to walk across a floor covered in broken glass – surely there has to be better pursuits.  But once I’m going, it’s as invigorating as exercise, as therapeutic as meditation, and as gratifying as sex.  There.  I said it.  Somebody had to.

The problem is that it’s hard. (далее…)

Кошмар на улице сказов

Вторник, Октябрь 2nd, 2012

При просмотре видеозаписи замечательной лекции Кирилла Разлогова в очередной раз ужаснулся, когда лекция перешла в Q&A (вопросы и ответы).

Одна из присутствующих в аудитории девушек (или женщин, в кадре ее не показали) поинтересовалась у Разлогова, чем ему так понравился фильм «Овсянки», ведь, цитирую, там штамп на штампе, и никакой логики. (далее…)